Teeth sensitivity is usually a symptom of another problem, and it consists of the exposure of the dentin to external thermal, chemical, or mechanical stress factors, (heat, cold, acid, etc). Dentin contains tiny channels from surface to the tooth nerve, (dentinal tubules), and any stress will be easily transmitted to the nerve, hence the sharp pain. Normally, the dentin is covered by enamel, which protects it from external factors.


Due to regular complain on sensitivity, I was only using sensitive toothpaste, and I started with what a dentist recommended, the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. After a few days my tooth felt really great, no more sharp pain with cold water, or sweets. After a while on Colgate Sensitive I ran out of it and I had to use Crest Sensitivity which I had in the house. It only took a couple of days off of my regular Colgate Pro Relief, and my tooth started to ache again. I bought the Colgate, and within a day of using it I already felt better.

Because many people recommended the Sensodyne Repair and Protect as being the equivalent of the Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief, which I was using for sometime now, I wanted to try it. It is good, definitely better that any other products but for me Colgate was still the best product. I compared the two toothpastes in two ways, the amount of pain when drinking cold water, while using the toothpaste, and the number of days with no pain after stopping using the sensitive toothpaste.

On Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief my sensitivity was 0, no pain at all. Not with cold beverages, or hot beverages, or sweets.

On Sensodyne Repair and Protect my sensitivity was reduced to almost 0 I would still feel some pain occasionally with very cold beverages, or very acidic liquids.

After stopping brushing with Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief it took about two days to get back to my “regular” sensitivity.

After stopping brushing with Sensodyne Repair and Protect it took about one day for my tooth to be sensitive.

-Collaboration of a patient feedback research data.

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