All our dental service providers are skilled and reputed practitioners with more than 8 years of clinical experience. This experience helps them with making accurate and correct diagnosis and provide exceptional dental treatments.


All doctors empanelled with Avant Dental Network™ are accredited and recognised stalwarts of the profession with commitment to patient care and safety norms. They stand by the virtuousness on which the practice of dentistry was based.


All dental clinics are transparent with their costing and treatment protocols. Thus, patient can be rest assured that every dental clinic is providing them the very best in terms of quality dental care, sterilisation and opinions thereby eliminating the question of doubt for our patients.


By providing quality dental service in every area, Avant Dental Network™ aims to make dentistry accessible and available to all in Bangalore.


All dental clinics empanelled with Avant Dental Network™ are reasonably priced. The costing across all dental clinics is at par with market standards.
  • Extensive Benefits
  • Low payments for diagnostic and preventive services
  • Discounts on all dental procedures including Cosmetic and Rehabilitation procedures.
  • Well experienced and extensively trained dentists
  • Top dental service provider in your vicinity
  • Long term relationship with your doctor
  • Accurate and affordable treatment plans
  • Easy referrals to a large specialty care network
  • Access to expert opinion on dental needs via our online portal
  • Outstanding quality assured at all our empanelled dental clinics
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